our history

Pie On A Plate Productions

Pie On A Plate Productions was actually originally thought of when I was 10, over 9 years ago.  I was scribbling in a notebook alongside all my other drawings, and drew a single piece of pumpkin pie on a small, gray plate.  Why did I draw this specifically?  Well, because I've always loved pumpkin pie (no seriously, I once ate an entire one by myself in like 10 minutes and ruined Thanksgiving), and I wasn't just going to draw some delicious piece of food without a plate.  I wasn't a savage, after all.  I thought for a moment, and tilted it appropriately: "Pie On A Plate Productions".  The drawing was lost among the others, and I soon forgot about it entirely.


Fast forward to 2016, right as I was about to release the trial version for my first ever game "they whisper softly to me", and I found myself struggling to come up with a name for my "studio".  It was then when I thought back to all those years ago, to that stupid little drawing I had created in my notebook. Pie On A Plate Productions.  It was perfect.

they whisper softly to me header2.jpg


So here we are today... 

I still love pie.  I still ruin holidays by eating it all before the main course is even finished cooking.  But now I make video games.  We make video games.  Hopefully, in some sense or another, these games we create are just as delicious as a good old fashion slice of pumpkin pie.  Because hey, we are all allowed to dream, right?

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our team

So far, PPP consists of only me, David Campbell III.  We (I) hope to expand soon, bringing in other programmers, artists, and designers to increase the scope of future projects!


David Campbell III

CEO, Lead Developer, In Charge Of Pretty Much Everything At The Moment

Started - 2017

Favorite Game - Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Special Talent - Can neigh like a horse surprisingly well