our history

Pie On A Plate Productions

Pie On A Plate Productions was actually originally thought of when I was 10, over 9 years ago.  I was scribbling in a notebook alongside all my other drawings, and drew a single piece of pumpkin pie on a small, gray plate.  Why did I draw this specifically?  Well, because I've always loved pumpkin pie (no seriously, I once ate an entire one by myself in like 10 minutes and ruined Thanksgiving), and I wasn't just going to draw some delicious piece of food without a plate.  I wasn't a savage, after all.  I thought for a moment, and tilted it appropriately: "Pie On A Plate Productions".  The drawing was lost among the others, and I soon forgot about it entirely.


Fast forward to 2016, right as I was about to release the trial version for my first ever game "they whisper softly to me", and I found myself struggling to come up with a name for my "studio".  It was then when I thought back to all those years ago, to that stupid little drawing I had created in my notebook. Pie On A Plate Productions.  It was perfect.

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So here we are today... 

I still love pie.  I still ruin holidays by eating it all before the main course is even finished cooking.  But now I make video games.  We make video games.  Hopefully, in some sense or another, these games we create are just as delicious as a good old fashion slice of pumpkin pie.  Because hey, we are all allowed to dream, right?

-David Campbell III


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our team

Take a look at the beautifully small but incredibly humble Pie On A Plate Productions team!


David Campbell III

Founder, CEO, Lead Developer, Lead Programmer

Started - 2017

Favorite Game - Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Special Talent - “I can neigh like a horse surprisingly well, and once did so in a stable full of horses who then proceeded to freak the hell out”


Andy Montoya IV

Lead Artist, Lead Animator

Started - 2019

Favorite game - Tearaway

Fun Fact - “I was an extra in episode 19, season 2 of Chicago P.D”


amber Lee Warland

Lead Soundtrack Composer, Lead Sound Developer

Started - 2019

Favorite Game - Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Fun Fact - “I was once spat on by a Beluga whale”


Ariadne Alcala Collazo

Lead Translator

Started - 2019

Favorite games - Sims4 and The Elder Scrolls Online

Fun fact - “Once I got an unwanted kiss from a seal. Still traumatized.”